Input350 to 1000 gage (Single, 2 gages, 4 gages active)
Input RangeOver 175 st. (on 350 gage used)
Noise Level4V
Transmitting FrequencyOne wave between 88 MHz and 108 MHz.
ModulationPWM/FM, PFM/FM
Frequency ResponseDC`1KHz or DC`5KHz
Operating Temperature0`125(0`150 available on request)
Power SupplyInduced Power Supply.
Lineary}0.1% Full Scale
Precision}1% Full Scale
Weight31 gr.
Applicable Receivers560B, 560, 620(PFM type)
560BPW, 620(PWM type)
Transmitter: Model 860 P(R)
5ch. Scanner: Model 904 P(R)
Receiver: Model 1620
Signal Card: Model 460
Commander: Model 724
Power Suply: Induced Power Supply

(1)Model 860 P(R) Transmitter
InputSingle Arm 120 or 350 gage
Input Range0`1350st(P/P)
Noise Level4V
Gage OpenTest signal 40KHz
Max. Modulating Limitter500KHz
Transmitting FrequencyOne wave between 88 and 108MHz
Transmitting Frequency Adjustment3MHz approx.
Frequency Response30Hz`30KHz
ModukationDirect FM
Operating Temperature25`125i150 availablej
Acceleration30,000G or 50,000G
Power SupplyInduced Power Supply
System Precision}2% (gain drift)
Lineary1% F/S
Dimensions38.86 ~ 19mm(dia.)
Weight30 } 2g
(2)Model 904 P(R) Scanner
FunctionSwitch on-off only
Input5 units of Strain Gages
Switch RateSingle Channel/Free Running 1 step/sec. to 1 step/min.
variable(during free running)
IsolationOver 40 dB
(3)Model 620 Receiver
Power SupplyAC100V 50/60Hz
Dimensions88.7~434~393 mm
Weight6.8 kg.
Receiving Frequency88`108 MHz.
Output Impedance100
Output}1 VDC
(4)Model 724 Commander
Power SupplyAC100V 50/60 Hz.
Dimensions88.7~434~358 mm.
Weight5.4 kgs.
Channel Selections5 points
Free Running0.25 sec. to 1 min. channels variable.
(5)Induced Power Supply Equipment
(a)Model 160L Oscillator
Input0`36 VDC
Output0`50 W
Dimensions125~180~250 mm.
Weight3.9 kg. approx
Operating temp0`50
(b)Model 160PS Power Supply Equipment
Power SupplyAC100V 50/60Hz
Output0 to 32 VDC/0 to 3.5A Variable.
Dimensions209~200~350 mm.
Weight9.8 kg.
Operating Temp.0`50