Model 856
A solid and high class model capable of using 28 channels maximum at the same time. Size: 16~16~32 mm. Weight: 14 g Design for high rotating is optional like 70,000 G max.
Model 856-02
@Divided into 2 modules based on Model 856. The each module weighs 7 grs. and the thickness is 8 mm. model for measuring distortions. Applicable to decrease the load on a belt of free change gear and on installing at narrow space.
Model 36
The new product based on Model 836. (Low price model max 28 channels are workable at the same time)
Model 886
Measuring of multi-channels with a transmitter. The new developed model. Special specifications which should meet users' option and confirmation according to applications.
Model 8366
The model graded up of 836. The trimmer capacitor allows to set wide frequency on simultaneous measurement with multiple channels. Measureable of high speed rotating equipment to 18,000 G of acceleration. (28 channels max. practical simultaneously at the same time.)

Model 4800 B
As this is inductive power system, you do not need to replace power unlike batteries. Many applications are expected as for diagnoses of equipment at steel mills necessary to monitor always.
Model 864
A high class model for measuring static strain of high speed rotating equipment like jet engines, turbochargers, etc.

Model 860 P
@5 channels measurable with a transmitter and a scanner by scanning system for measuring dynamic strain Operated with induced power.
Model 820
Dynamic transmitters are usually used for dynamic strain to measure strain of high speed rotating equipment like turbines, etc.