@When you measure a long distance of running or moving object at various sites or out-door, wire cord systems are inconvenient and cumbersome. Furthermore, jobs of measurement and tests bring you dangers. This system dissolves fears at job place, and Long Distance Telemetry System is applicable in various fields to transmit a wireless signal data which are output from a detector or a converter and gains high accurate measurement data at a data recording laboratory and a tracking car.
@And we have two way in this system. The first way is called P.C.M. (Pulse Coded Modulation) System, and the second way is VHF Telemetry System (the way of Multiple Subcarrier)
This system releases you from dangerous jobs and let you do various important testing measurement.
* R.F. Power : 1W/50
* Freaquency : 169.65MHz approx.

Experiments of automobile (vehicles), construction machinery, ships, aircrafts.
Transmission and reception of data on cranes or in factories.
The water level measurement of tanks and dams.
Measurement of the mode of life of animals at ranches and growth of plants at orchards.
Where it is danger or impossible to measure by cable.

@Model 8001 is a wireless temperature measurement memory equipment. It is applicable to products moving in continuous furnaces, vacuum furnaces, sterilization kilns where you can not wire. @Since the sensor memory is durable up to ambient temperature 130, it is unnecessary to cool when it is under 130. When the temperature comes over 300, you need a thermocoupling sensor.
@The heat proof housing materials are designed according to periods passing through furnaces and ambient temperature so that the sensor memory may be protected.

* Unnecessary Cases of Adiabatic Material Housing
Operating temperature : 130
Time : 4 hrs.
Dimensions : 89.0 dia.~ 240 mm.
Sensor : Resistant silver, Thermocoupler C/A.

Foods: Canned foods, Bottling, Pouch Factories.
Electric: Radio tube, Cathode-ray tube kilns.
Steel: Reheating Furnaces, Sintering Furnaces, Cement Furnaces, & Cooling Furnaces.
Vehicles: Coating Dry Furnaces, Chemical Reactors & Welding Furnaces.
Ceramic Industry: Ceramics, Chine Ware Furnaces.
Glass Ind: Cooling Furnaces.
Rubber Ind.: Drying Furnaces.
Film Ind.: Drying Furnaces.
Chemicals: Sterilization Kilns.
Applicable to measurement in various furnaces with wireless.