Model 872 with induced power supply and Model 876 with batteries are available in the systems.


1) Induced Power Supply Type
Transmitter :Model 872
Receiver :Model 560BT6
Induced Power Supply :Model 160L Oscillator
Model 160PS Power Supply

2) Battery Type
Transmitter :Model 876
Receiver :Model 560BT6
Battery :Model 1256

Following features are available in the systems.
(1) So small yet one to 6 channels output in simultaneously.
(2) A self-calibration is built-in.
(3) Cold Junction compensation circuits are built-in.
(4) High temperature proof (125Ž) High Accelerarion (30,000G)
(5) V input & mV input enable to transmit voltage (in changing)
(6) Induced power supply rectifier is built-in (Model 872 type)

<Model 876/872 Transmitters>
Rotating Acceleration :30,000G(872)/18,000G(876)
Operating Temperature :0`125Ž(0`150Ž available on request)
Input :K Type thermocouple 6 channels (C/A), mV other thermocouple types available on request
Measuring Temperature :0`375Ž/0`750Ž/0`1200Ž
Lineary :}1% Full Scale.
Temperature Drift :}0.01%/Ž
Frequency Response :DC`20 Hz.
Transmitting Frequency :One wave set
between 88 and 108 MHz.
(4 MHz approx. modulationable except S type)
Modulation :PAM/FM
RF Level :-10 dBm } 7 dB(50ƒΆ)
Power Supply :Induced power supply.(872)
4.5`10.0 VDC 7mA(876)

<Model 560BT6 Receiver>
Power Supply :AC 100 V }20%, 50/60 Hz
Receiving Frequebcy :88`108 MHz/76`90 MHz
/64`76 MHz/54`65 MHz
RF Sensitivity :2ƒΚV
Output Impedance100ƒΆ
Operating Temperature :0`50Ž
DATA Output :0`3(2.4 VDC) Analog.
AFC :}300 KHz on -30 dBƒΚ.
Dimensions :80~187~229 mm.
Weight :2 Kg.
Functions :6 channels parallel output (data)
Calibration output.
Standard channel output.
Module temperature output.